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Our Staff


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Carrie Catapano - Head of School

Jessica Chambers - Co-Education Head

Katy Jenkins - Co-Education Head

Jennifer Greene Susser - Admissions Head

Andrew Barnes - Business Manager 

Florence Perry - Bookkeeper


Sara DiBona - Development and Marketing Associate

Jennifer Gibson - Administrative Assistant


Robert Aitchison - Art Specialist

Stefan Schatz - Music Specialist

Greg Kinsey - Technology Specialist 

Head Teachers

Marielle Berger


Marley Carhart


Vanessa Fiasconaro


Erika Flerx

Brett Kassel

Courtney Moss

Kate Richard

Clinical Staff

Liza Gershen - Social Worker 

Casey Halper - Supervising Occupational Therapist

Leon Hoffman - Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst

Abigail Moore - Speech-Language Pathologist

Melissa Putterman - Occupational Therapist

Alyson Rumley - Senior Speech-Language Pathologist

Emily Silverstein - Social Worker

Jenna Stogsdill - Supervising Social Worker

Emma Yovanoff - Social Worker